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atletico madrid shirt

At first, the shirt of Atletico Madrid's first uniform was half blue vertical stripes, the other half white vertical stripes, shorts were black, white or blue, socks were black, white or blue, just like the uniform of Athletic Club Bilbao, because Atletico Madrid was a branch of Biscaia team at the beginning, which was like the uniform of Blackburn Rangers Football Club.

During Christmas in 1909, Juanito Elorduy, a player of the club, sailed to the south of England with the task of bringing back the new uniforms of the Blue and White Army, but he couldn't get them, so he bought the uniforms of Southampton Football Club. Finally, this jersey with white vertical stripes and red vertical stripes (the central stripe is red) was brought to the capital in 1911. Madrid adopted this jersey, which was combined with the colors of blue, white or black shorts and socks. In 1921, they definitely used blue shorts, just like their original uniforms, thus distinguishing them from Bilbao.

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