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The unique colors of Barcelona Football Club are blue and chestnut. The word "Azulgrana" came into being from the combination of blue and big red. These colors always appear on the team's home jerseys. However, in the first ten years of club history, shorts were white, then black and blue from the 1920s. In the 2005-06 season, due to commercial reasons, the team wore Grana shorts, which was unheard of before. In the 2011-12 season, the innovation of the first set of jerseys lies in the thinnest vertical stripe 226 in history.

Since 1913, the team has always had an alternative uniform or a second set of equipment at the official level, when it chose white shirts and blue shorts. This equipment lasted for more than 60 years, until 1975-76, when a yellow jersey with blue diagonal stripes appeared on the stage. Its colors are constantly changing, such as yellow, blue or red, and there is a vertical blue stripe on the right side of different jerseys. Until 1998-99, Nike became a supplier, and since then, it has chosen a wide range of colors.

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