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manchester united shirt

After the club was renamed in 1902, the color changed. The uniform consisted of red shirt, white shorts and black socks, which became the standard equipment of Manchester United. In the FA Cup final in 1909, they won the competition. They wore white shirts with a red Chevrolet on them and a red Lancashire rose badge on the left side of their chest. In 1934, the players wore brown and white ring jerseys. However, in the following season, after reaching the lowest position and 20 th place in Serie B, he wore a red shirt again

Manchester United's away equipment usually consists of white shirts, black shorts and white socks, but there are some exceptions. These include navy blue shirts with silver stripes in 1999-2000, uniforms in 102 and 2010, including white shirts with red and black plaids on sleeves, black shorts and white socks. In 2001, in order to celebrate the centenary of the founding of Manchester United, the white/gold jersey made its debut, but the jersey worn at that time did not have double layout. 

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