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wolverhampton shirt

In its early days, the club wore a very different color, which was a white shirt with vertical red stripes. At present, the shirt is gold and the shorts are blue. This wolves shirt hasn't changed much over the years. It used to be a black vertical stripe, and then it wore a black belt diagonally against a golden background. The traditional color of the club is a hint of the motto on the national emblem of the city: "Light comes from darkness", and gold and black represent light and darkness respectively.

The first badge worn by Wolves is the coat of arms of wolverhampton wanderers. It will only be worn on special occasions, such as cup finals. In the late 1960s, the Wolves used their own badges to depict a jumping wolf. In the 1970s, the badge evolved to feature three wolves. In 1979, the badge took almost the final form, which was a stylized wolf.

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